About me

Rob Greenhalgh
Date of Birth:
17 Aug, 1977
1.69 m
84 kg
Brighton, UK
Marital Status:

Question & answer

  • When and where did you first sail?
    Began sailing in the UK and Sri Lanka – aged 5.
  • What has been your proudest sailing moment?
    Winning the Volvo Ocean Race in 2005/6.
  • In 3 words, summarise your role on the boat?
    Keep it fast.
  • What do you miss most when you are at sea?
    Sleeping in my bed.
  • How are you enjoying life in Abu Dhabi?
    Abu Dhabi is great – just like home but with much better weather.
  • Best Abu Dhabi moment?
    Sailing in crystal clear blue waters, 30 knots of wind & 30 degrees sunshine.
  • What do you think visitors to Abu Dhabi can expect when the yachts come in on New Year's day?
    Some very tired but happy sailors.
  • Which leg of the race are you most excited about and why?
    All of the legs pose different challenges but the leg into Abu Dhabi will be special as we will be bringing the boat home for the first time.
  • Who is your sailing inspiration?
    No one in particular – just inspired by being the best I can be.
  • Are there any 'home comforts' that you'll be sneaking on board?
  • What's the first thing you'll do when you reach port after each leg?
    Its great to see friends and family after so long at sea.
  • Do you have any tips for budding young sailors who are keen to get started?
    Ultimately be the best you can be and enjoy the sport.
  • What would you have done if you hadn't been a sailor?
  • How will you prepare for the race? (exercise/food/sleep)
    We are all undergoing a fairly strict fitness regime, aiming to build strength. Towards the start we will aim to increase fat percentage slightly. Sleep depravation isn't something you can prepare for but will try to get as much as possible at the stopovers.
  • How important is winning to you?
    Our aim is to finish on the podium but deep down everyone wants to win – there will be a lot of good boats and I'm sure we will be one of them and hopefully come out on top.
  • How will you keep morale high if you experience any difficulties. How will you keep everyone focused/entertained?
    There are always difficult times and that is when strong teams excel and come to the top – our training will help us through these times.
  • What is the best piece of advice you have been given about the race i.e. 'look after the boat and it will look after you'?
    Never give up and be the best you can be.
  • What would we find under your bunk?
    Unfortunately either another sailor or a stack of equipment – I would like to say chocolate & a TV.

Meet Rob Greenhalgh

Watch leader

Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing’s Robert Greenhalgh is one of the UK’s most talented next generation sailors, having won major championships in everything from small dinghies to round-the-world yachts. The ability to adapt to different disciplines - whether it is offshore round the world races or inshore windward/leeeward racing - has enabled Robert to rise above his peers on the world stage

A veteran of the gruelling Volvo Ocean Race, Robert had a victory and second place finish under his belt before his early 30s, signalling him out as one of the sport’s most promising stars.

My Top 5 Sailing Achievements

  • 2010 - Volvo Ocean Race, Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing
  • 2008 - VOR PUMA – Watch Captain - 2nd
  • 2006 - VOR ABN AMRO – Helm/Trimmer - 1st
  • 2007 - Extreme 40 Series – Skipper- 1st
  • 2005 - 18’ Skiff & I14 - World Champion

The 34-year-old started sailing with his family from a young age, first with his father then with his brother and sister, both of whom are still very involved at the sport’s top level. After sailing a variety of dinghies, Robert worked his way through the UK’s youth squad scheme, sailing Optimist 420s and 470s.

The mid-1990s saw the influx of asymmetric dinghies and Robert saw his future in these. Quickly adapting to the new breed of boat, Robert established himself as an advanced and experienced Apparent wind sailor, which led to him becoming involved in Laser 5000 and 49er sailing as well as winning the televised Ultra30 circuit as skipper at the age of 22..