Team Blog - Ian Walker - 20th December 2011

Tuesday, 20 December 2011 | by ADOR

Not much to report onboard Azzam today except it is bumpy, wet and generally pretty miserable on deck – at least it isn’t cold.

Life down below is also not easy with simple tasks like eating, going to the toilet or bailing water out becoming major exercises. Everyone on deck is harnessed on and down below you need to be very careful not to get thrown off balance and injured.

We have started to make some small gains on those ahead which is both nice to see and good for morale – long may they continue! Yesterday we were shocked to hear Sanya’s news and so pleased they did not break their mast – those guys deserved better after sailing a really nice leg. Good luck Team Sanya and get back in the race soon!

date: Tuesday, 20 December 2011 16:44:44 (Arabian Standard Time, UTC+04:00)

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Wednesday, 21 December 2011 13:44:33 (Arabian Standard Time, UTC+04:00)
I've given this so serious thought since Sanya's rigging fail and subsequent suspension. Is there an argument, as some are saying now, to support a "use by date" on open ocean racers. I'm not taking sides or trying to start something, but we've seen what can happen to the newest, best designed, best constructed boats. I thought that was the idea behind the new rule about one boat/one team. I mean I'm not disparaging Mike Sanderson, he's in this race because he belongs in the elite of skippers. But Sanya is a four year old boat, and took a massive beating, that de-laminated the hull. That would be scary on the newest carbon fibre technology, if a layer of CF peeled and exposed the honeycomb. Too much to think about now, besides, you've got the best "McGyver" on board in Bubs. I saw what he did to repair the daggerboard.
Enjoy the warmer winds and make the safe harbor in good position.
Best to all,
Tuesday, 27 December 2011 18:42:00 (Arabian Standard Time, UTC+04:00)
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Friday, 03 February 2012 12:10:40 (Arabian Standard Time, UTC+04:00)
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Friday, 03 February 2012 17:08:59 (Arabian Standard Time, UTC+04:00)
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