Shore Team

As well as fielding a world class sailing team, ADOR has an outstanding 17-strong shore team to support the sailors as they race around the world.

 From our boatbuilders, sailmakers, riggers and hydraulic experts who keep our racing yacht Azzam running perfectly, to our catering, logistics, finance, sports science specialists, our international shore team is every bit as committed to winning as the sailors.


Photo of Neal McDonald

Neal McDonald

Performance Director
Photo of Pete Cunningham

Pete Cunningham

Sports Science Manager


Photo of Ben Davis

Ben Davis

Photo of Guy Barron

Guy Barron

Shore Team Manager
Photo of Mike Brady

Mike Brady

Rigging Specialist
Photo of Diego Torrado

Diego Torrado

Hydraulics Specialist
Photo of James O’Mahony

James O’Mahony

Shore Manager Assistant
Photo of Alex Higby

Alex Higby



Photo of Carolyn Lashmar

Carolyn Lashmar

Team Logistics
Photo of Alex Wardall

Alex Wardall

Boat Logistics


Photo of Jamie Boag

Jamie Boag

Commercial Director
Photo of Kate Ashley

Kate Ashley

Commercial Manager

Administration and Finance

Photo of Phil Allen

Phil Allen

General Manager
Photo of Karen Macwhinnie

Karen Macwhinnie

Team Accountant


Photo of Justin Chisholm

Justin Chisholm

Communications Officer
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